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Companies in need of a crisis manager typically are in considerable financial difficulty, with the ultimate viability of the enterprise at stake. The crisis management services of The Landhouse Group, LLC are by necessity, highly intense, short-term assignments that can range from strategic advice to hands-on management, in which a director of the firm assumes the interim role of CEO, president or CFO.


The firmís crisis management services focus exclusively on stabilizing the cash situation to ensure survival of the client company. Cash conservation and generation become paramount, accomplished through strict asset management, cost and expense control, and necessary debt restructuring.


Usually the "fix" is neither simple nor easy; it may necessitate a complete overhaul of the organization, require management changes, consolidations, divestitures, acquisitions or even liquidation.


The professionals at The Landhouse Group, LLC bring the necessary analytic, leadership, and critical communication and negotiation skills to ensure the troubled business has the best chance to survive. Crisis management requires timely, tough decisions. The professionals at The Landhouse Group, LLC are used to making the "hard calls" and can shorten lead times and minimize costly errors.






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