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Many companies, though not in financial crisis, are providing inadequate returns to their institutional, corporate or private investors. Often the business is without direction, stagnant or experiencing too much change from both internal and external factors. As a result, profits may be lackluster or non-existent, the company may be losing market share, and the overall value of the business may be languishing, degenerating or close to being written off.


The Landhouse Group, LLC can provide valuable leadership in situations requiring turnaround and revitalization. In these assignments, a Director with The Landhouse Group, LLC oversees the process of corporate renewal either as an interim officer of the company or as a consultant to management. The Landhouse Group, LLC prepares and executes a comprehensive plan for change that specifically addresses internal and external problems, as well as opportunities, facing the company. Such a plan may include the following:


bulletTurnaround Plan


bulletMarketing and Operations Assessment Strategy
bulletBusiness and Product Viability Assessments
bulletBusiness and Strategic Plan Development and Assessments
bulletOrganizational Effectiveness
bulletInterim Management

Many business revitalization and early decline projects will involve strategic, operational and financial assessments. Supporting the experienced professionals of The Landhouse Group, LLC is an established set of analytic tools and assessment techniques designed to create an actionable plan that will ensure a positive result. The diagnostic process may also draw support from a “best practices” database containing hundreds of value enhancing ideas and practices.


The experience and leadership of the The Landhouse Group managing director dedicated to each engagement, coupled with the advice and counsel of the other directors of the firm, assures development of an optimal turnaround and revitalization strategy. Most importantly, the firm is dedicated to seeing each assignment through to full and final implementation to ensure the most favorable outcome.






Turnaround & Revitalization
bulletBusiness Viability Assessments
bulletRevitalization, Plan Development, and Analysis
bulletInterim Management
bulletCorporate Renewal Strategies

Crisis Management
bulletCreditor Representation
bulletDebtor Representation
bulletDebt Restructuring
bulletLiquidation Assistance
Merger & Acquisition
bulletSeller Representation
bulletBuyer Representation
bulletManagement Buyout Representation

 Corporate Finance
bulletRestructuring/ Recapitalization
bulletPrivate Placements
bulletAsset-based Loans
bulletSenior/Subordinated Debt
bulletTurnaround Debt/Equity
bulletCapital Structure Advisory







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