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Global Logistics Company:


Global Strategy Development: Led  the development of the strategy for a new business unit of a large government contractor.  The business unit was organized to provide secure, time definite, global delivery services in a cost effective manner. Conducted a comprehensive market study in order to identify market size and segments, market participants and customer value requirements.  Led a process to define the business strategy and supporting model to enter the targeted markets.   A build/buy/partner analysis was conducted in order to determine the optimal growth strategy.  Additionally, an M&A strategy and plan was developed that included a list of acquisition targets.   The business unit is now positioned to bid on the USPS outsourcing of their Bulk Mail Centers as well as the DoD outsourcing of military mail.


Fortune 25 Computer Hardware and Service Company:


Global Growth Strategy:  Led a $9 billion services organization to define a five year global growth strategy.  Defined strategy, operating model, performance management and implementation plans.  Implemented new organization, performance plans and operating model for newly merged entities.  Key components included identifying the details of the channel strategy and structure, reducing channel partners from over 10,000 to 2,500, developing key product offerings, refining target account focus, and implementing country organizational plans.  Key operations impacted included customer support, sales, and marketing.  Costs of operation were significantly reduced by over $100 million.


Diversified Holding Company:


Portfolio Strategy:  Conducted a portfolio analysis for a publicly-traded holding company.  The company owned over thirty (30) mostly unrelated companies in all stages of decline and/or growth.   Identified companies to divest, combine and/or grow through investment or acquisition.  Assessed the overall company business model and developed a strategy to leverage the common customer relationships and knowledge, technology, genuine assets and leadership across the portfolio.


Healthcare REIT:

Strategy Development: Led a strategy development process for a large, publicly traded, healthcare REIT.  The initiative began with an extensive assessment of the market place and segmentation of the customers across the healthcare value chain.  A growth strategy was developed  with the goals of diversifying customer segment risk and global expansion.  The strategy has been executed  and has resulted in all strategic growth goals met and a significant increase in market capitalization.


Food Company:


Strategic Planning: Designed and facilitated a strategic planning process for the largest processor of egg products in the United States.  Coordinated the strategic planning process across multiple divisions which included; plant operations, farm operations, research & development, marketing & sales, customer service, and corporate services.  Our team successfully facilitated the development of goals, objectives, action plans, and strategies.


Oil & Gas Company:


Strategic Planning:   Facilitated a strategic planning process on behalf of the board of an Oil & Gas company.    The process included an assessment of the significant forces of change in the industry, an inventory of the genuine assets of the company and scenario modeling to determine expected valuations.   Worked with the CEO and members of the Executive team to develop a five year strategy for the company.


Art Museum:


Strategic Planning:  Facilitated a  strategic planning process with the leadership of one of the largest art museums in the world.  The process was recommended by the board to address the planned opening of a new modern wing which could dramatically alter the mission and operations of the museum.  The process include visioning, definition of strategic objectives, prioritization of initiatives and the development of detailed action plans.


Third-Party Logistics Provider:


Strategy Development: On behalf of the parent, a private equity firm, worked with the management of a Toronto-based 3PL to define a growth strategy.  Used customer value analysis to determine the differential  customer value that could be created and exchanged in order to take market share and grow the business.   The strategic plan enabled the parent to quickly grow the company and eventually sell at a substantial return on investment.


Printing Company:


Customer Value Analysis: For the Retail division, of one of the largest printing companies in the world, conducted a customer value analysis in order to identify opportunities to create differential value through new products and services.  The project included a value chain analysis, definition of customer economics, an identification of new products/services and a determination of permission to serve customers.   The project resulted in over one billion dollars of potential revenue opportunities for the client.


Oil & Gas Company:


Customer Value Chain Analysis:  For the world’s largest oil company, led an effort to define the customer value chain in their automotive plastics group.  Defined the customer value chain, identified all value chain participants, and modeled the profit pools.  The initiative also included modeling the shift in profit pools as  the client introduced proprietary non-commodity product offerings. 


Fortune 100 Aerospace & Defense Contractor:


Strategic Assessment & Customer Analysis: Conducted a strategic assessment and enterprise reengineering project for a large manufacturer of defense electronics.  The objective of the project was to develop a strategy to transition from a captive supplier of military electronics (PC Fab & Assy) to a contract manufacturer of commercial electronics.  Additionally, the organization and supporting processes were re-designed to support the new strategy.


Charter Airline:


Strategic Market Analysis: Conducted a strategic analysis to determine the viability of a charter airline entering the regularly scheduled air business.  Developed models to determine optimum revenue based upon potential demand, pricing, aircraft positioning, group promotion and competitor response.  


Aircraft Manufacturer:


Pricing Study:  Conducted an independent assessment of the worldwide market price for C-130J cargo aircraft on behalf of the Norwegian government.  The assessment considered the total cost to manufacture, projected profit margins, demand, and past/pending prices of other similar sales to foreign governments.


Environment Services Company:


Market & Customer Analysis: Conducted a project to analyze the environmental remediation, industrial waste treatment and plasma industrial products markets.  Gross market size was determined, customers were segmented, competitors were identified and opportunities defined.


Aerospace & Defense Company:


Market & Competitive Assessment: Performed a competitive market assessment study for a defense contractor.  The objective of the study was to analyze the engineering graphics market in a five state area, to determine the capabilities of the current market participants, to estimate potential market size and to determine the characteristics of the market place. 


Software Company


Organization Strategy: For the professional services organization of a large German ERP vendor, conducted an analysis to define the business model and the supporting organization structure that would optimize revenue and profitability in the Latin American market.


Automotive Supplier:


Customer-Driven Organization Strategy: Conducted an enterprise-wide reengineering project for a re-manufacturer of auto parts.  The company remanufactured engines and transmissions for the major automobile manufacturers.  Organized the company into customer focused strategic business units, developed a new organization structure that eliminated several layers of management and redesigned all business processes.


Aerospace and Defense Company:


Post Merger Integration: Assisted with the integration of the two largest Aerospace and Defense contractors in the US.  Assessed and rationalized the electronics fabrication and assembly capabilities and developed a plan to integrate the two organizations.


Hardware Manufacturer:


Process Improvement: Conducted an enterprise reengineering project at a manufacturer of hardware for the door industry.  The assessment included all business processes from sales and order entry through manufacturing and distribution.  Significant recommendations were offered to improve the overall competitiveness of the client.


Technology Company:


Process Analysis:  Performed a "stakeholders" assessment to assist in the restructuring of a $1.2 billion operating unit of a Fortune 500 company.   The project objective was to reengineer the materials and manufacturing processes of the company.  IDEF modeling techniques were used to define and analyze key processes.  Issues were addressed throughout the entire supply and demand chain including: supplier relationships, organization restructuring, manufacturing practices, performance measurement, information technology, and customer relationships.


Manufacturer of Flight Simulators:


Cost Management: Managed Air Force sponsored Technology Modernization program at a manufacturer of flight simulators.  Led client project team consisting of representatives from software design, manufacturing, hardware design, quality, and finance.  Conducted process reengineering of total company operations.  Developed activity based cost/cycle time model.  Identified high cost/long cycle time areas and developed solutions to address those opportunity areas.  Prepared cost/benefit analyses and presented proposals to Air Force.










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