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Daniel J. Swiers is an accomplished financial and information technology executive. Mr. Swiers has been a practicing Certified Public Accountant the sole network manager for a 50-professional CPA firm. During his tenure in the public accounting profession, he has applied his skills in many different industries and types of organizations.


Mr. Swiers applies his expertise to help clients:

bulletDevelop an in depth understanding of the specific information technology requirements within the enterprise.
bulletQuickly assess the cost effectiveness of initiating technology solutions, preventing situations where more technology is installed than is needed or ever going to be used.
bulletEnsure stability and integrity across many network and application platforms supporting key business processes of the enterprise.


Prior to joining The Landhouse Group, LLC Mr. Swiers worked in the public accounting industry and provided accounting, financial reporting, and income tax preparation and advisory services to both private and not-for-profit clients. He also managed the technology resources of the firm to ensure network integrity and availability, and implemented technology solutions designed to improve labor efficiencies and realization rates within the firm. Beyond his core focus in the public accounting and network management service arenas, Mr. Swiers has developed broad and deep skills in forensic loss recovery, business plan design and preparation, and turnaround and crisis management consulting. He has provided extensive business plan development and financial modeling, network stabilization and migration, and process improvement support as part of crisis management teams charged with restructuring business processes and stabilizing the information assets of financially troubled companies

Mr. Swiers holds a B.S. in accounting from Northeastern Illinois University, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and an active member of the Illinois CPA society. He also volunteers his time as the treasurer for a non-profit association, serving his second term in this position.





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