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Mr. Lindgren is a senior financial professional with an operations and legal perspective. He is an Intellectual Property and Tax Attorney with a successful record of accomplishment in the areas of finance, operations, strategic planning, accounting and law. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Oklahoma and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office but focuses primarily on corporate renewal and profit enhancement.


Mr. Lindgren brings broad-based experience in:

bulletDeveloping cost reduction and operations budgets and financial plans.
bulletEvaluating strategic planning strategies, models and annual financial plans.
bulletNegotiating and reviewing corporate contracts, valuations and asset sales.
bulletDeveloping corporate and multinational tax reduction strategies.
bulletExploiting technology transfers (in and out) and licensing software.
bulletEvaluating lease versus buy options and capital budgeting.
bulletValuing, licensing and sale of intellectual property portfolios for both low and high-tech companies.

As a member of Landhouse Group, LLC, Mr. Lindgren also serves as a Senior Consultant with Teamwork Technologies with an emphasis in cash flow modeling, project management, cost management, valuing intellectual property, contract valuation, strategic planning and operations. Mr. Lindgren's career includes responsibilities in operations, finance and intellectual property/patent law for Motorola, Inc. and Square D Company. Mr. Lindgren began his career as an Operations Analyst and later as a Financial Manager in the communications group at Motorola. More recently, he taught Intellectual Property Law evenings as an Adjunct Professor of Law at John Marshall Law School's Graduate LLM Program in Intellectual Property. Mr. Lindgren has also taught Commercial Law and Contract Law at the Keller Graduate School of Management.


Mr. Lindgren graduated with honors from The University of Illinois at Chicago with a BS degree in Operations Management and also holds a MBA from Northwestern University in Finance and Operations Management. His law degrees are from The University of Oklahoma (JD), DePaul University (LLM - Taxation) and John Marshall Law School (LLM - Intellectual Property).







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