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Mr. Cleaver has over 28 years of operational business experience at
companies of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.


Mr. Cleaver has demonstrated success in a variety of "real world"
challenges. In his role at Technomic International, he has arranged
financing sources to ensure an uninterrupted flow of funds, and engineered
internal cost controls and management reporting systems.


Mr. Cleaver utilizes his expertise to provide clients with:

bulletExpertise in setting and implementing financial controls and cost reduction strategies.
bulletUtilizing software solutions to drive down internal processing costs and improve operational efficiencies.
bulletAdvisory services to management teams concerning financial performance.
bulletFinancial and operational assessments of existing processes against industry best practices.
bulletExpertise in raising capital, building business plans, and creating short- and long-term financial plans.

Mr. Cleaver is also Chairman of the Board of Technomic International and is President of iLight Technologies, a spin-off company incubated by Technomic International. Mr. Cleaver has held the position of Chief Financial Officer for a division of Renaissance Worldwide, Inc., Chief Financial Officer and Director of Finance and Administration at Technomic International. Before these positions, Mr. Cleaver has also worked for various companies including American National Bank and Trust of Chicago as a Systems Analyst and then Business Systems Analyst, Citicorp Savings as an Analysis and Project Manager, and North American Company for Life and Health Insurance as Staff Accountant and Systems Analyst.


Mr. Cleaver holds a BS in accounting with an option in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He has taught Structured Analysis/Design and COBOL/VSAM courses at the University of Loyola. Mr. Cleaver also active on several corporate boards.







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