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Dr. Osborn is a proven turnaround CEO with a track record with pharmaceutical, medical products and service companies. He has developed strategies to expand sales, assess client satisfaction, increase client retention, grow revenue and maximize profitability. His experience includes:


bulletSuccessfully managed three interim management turnaround assignments.
bulletStarted company in new clinical research site industry that grew to 10 research centers nationally and $7 million revenue in 4 years with second round venture funding.
bulletImplemented national acquisition strategy securing 10 companies' revenues of $125 million.
bulletStrong functional expertise in strategy planning, product development, clinical research, licensing, joint ventures, acquisitions, turnarounds, market introduction, conceptual sales, business development, client retention as well as cash flow management.

During the past 12 years, Dr.Osborn has successfully lead three company turnarounds and one start-up. Most recently, Pharmaceutical Development Center (PDC), a contract formulation, development and cGMP manufacturer of sterile & non-sterile biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Osborn lead the turnaround and positioned PDC for successful sale. In each company, Dr. Osborn grew profitable revenue, strengthened the bottom line and raised the rate of return to shareholder and investors.


As a member of executive team of Nichols Institute, Dr Osborn advanced rapid growth from $40 million in 1986 to near $300 million in 1992. He had three key executive roles and completed 16 acquisitions during the growth of this public company. His initial R & D and business experience was gained at American Hospital Supply Corporation and Eli Lilly & Company.


Dr. Osborn holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of California and a M.B.A. with honors in Marketing and Finance from Pepperdine University. Dr. Osborn serves as a director on several boards.








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