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Mr. Jordan is a Inc. 500 Chief Executive Officer with significant Internet, wireless and new media experience. He has a wide range of professional skills and experience from leading professional teams, defining strategic and tactical plans for growth, turnaround and aggregation.


Mr. Jordan provides clients with:

bulletExperience helping founders, senior management teams and boards of directors in launching and growing new companies and spin-offs.
bulletExpertise in structuring turnarounds, raising private equity and venture capital.
bulletStructuring , initiating, and negotiating partnerships, strategic alliances, asset sales and industry rollups.


Mr. Jordan is also Chief Executive Officer of, which provides interim management services to technology companies at point of launch or turnaround. He is currently launching a venture capital fund investing in handheld and wireless technologies; leading a turnaround and aggregation of handheld technology companies, and advising a number of technology companies on an ongoing basis. Mr. Jordan serves on the Board of Directors of several new technology companies including Distributoys, an exchange for video, toy and electronics merchants and manufacturers;, an ASP for Fortune 1000 sales teams; and MyTherapyNework, a national 24X7 telephone-based counseling service. He is best known for being Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of Online Access Magazine, the first Internet-coverage magazine anywhere in the world.


Mr. Jordan holds a BA in Economics and Political Science with a specialization in China studies from the Honors College at the University of Michigan and an MBA from JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Mr. Jordan is a member of The Economic Club of Chicago. He is co-author of an upcoming book on negotiation and business strategy that will by published by Random House.







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