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Mr. Hetzel is an executive leader with 18 years experience working in consulting and industry. He specializes in creating and conducting effective manufacturing strategies for startups, small and middle market companies. He has worked with clients on lean manufacturing, P&L improvement, M&A (both buy and sell), Asian sourcing and alliances, startups, marketing and sales, turnarounds and integrating advanced technologies such as process automation and machine vision throughout manufacturing enterprises.


Mr. Hetzel provides the following core skills to his clients:

bulletMarket diversification strategies to increase sales and reduce the impact of sector-based market fluctuations.
bulletLean manufacturing strategies that streamline operations, improve enterprise agility in serving customer and market demands and improve financial results.
bulletExpertise in devising and executing accelerated, profitable growth strategies for both successful and under-performing companies.
bulletDeveloping and implementing highly adaptive management structures to position companies for long-term growth.


As a Technomic Resources, LLC consultant, Mr. Hetzel specializes in turnarounds, growth strategies, marketing, operations, supply chain, Asian sourcing and acquisitions. He previously held various positions with Broadview Injection Molding Co., Inc. as Sales Manager, Vice President of Operations, and culminated his experience as President and Chief Executive Officer. As President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hetzel was responsible for a market diversification, lead time reduction and Asian sourcing strategy resulting in 480% sales growth over five years, infusing leading-edge production capabilities to attract large, high growth customers and ultimately selling the company to a publicly held corporation. Mr. Hetzel was also Founder and President of Overland Distributing Company prior to his engagement at Broadview. He began his career at FM Productions, San Francisco, as a Theatrical Designer working with internationally renowned musical acts.


Mr. Hetzel holds a BA from Western Illinois University. He is a member of the Executives Club of Chicago and is on the Board of Directors of Procyon, Inc. He has frequently been featured in various manufacturing industry trade journals.







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